Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Random...

Like Daddy, Like Son...it's where J wants to be 24/7...


Are we on-the-go too much? Given J's desire to put shoes, coat, and hat on every single morning, even on my days off, I'd say so...(and yes, he always 'forgets' the pants, socks, and other appropriate outside-of-the-home attire. All boy!)

The girls have been a big help around the FarM and with baby J when T's gone for training.

1st ever school Roller Skating party. The girls were impressed. J would like to express his desire to be included in the action next time. He's not a bench sitter.

Came in the girls' room to this note one random day in Feb. A had transcribed for K:

Mama-made skirts.

They are growing up!

This, I guess, could go in March as A wrote this yesterday. But I think it probably pretty well sums up yesterday, the day before, the month before, and likely the next few months until I give birth. Sorry kiddos, I'm trying.

A, after her first 4-H function. Love that there's still a little girl inside of her big girl pants.

I know a lot of people are getting sick of the amount of snow that we have gotten. Unless you have farm animals, you may not think of the environmental implications of the snow height.
Such as farm animals.
What do they do when the fence is grounded?

Is that a cow in my yard?

Why yes, it is!

And in my back yard too? How could I be so lucky?

And pig, couldn't stay out of the action and had to come up to the house looking for food. Her poor 30" tall fence is literally buried under the snow. She stayed in it for a while still, but the cows showed her the 'free' way to live, and she could contain herself no longer.

And why is it that they always get out when T is gone for training? Yes, this pregnant woman loves to lumber after the 400# piggie to lure her back to her enclosure.
Not gonna lie, Flopsie had to wait for T to come home. Sorry T, but thank you, very much.
We did learn that she knows her name. And that if she starts to wander down the driveway toward the road, you can call her name and whistle and she'll come thundering back down the driveway to the barn. And the sight of a 400# pig responding to her name, grunting as she waddles runs down our snowy driveway made me laugh, I'm not gonna lie. Actually, just the image of it in my mind still makes me chuckle. She is the one being right now that doesn't make me feel large as a barge. And for that, she has a special place in my heart.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

January: Come and Gone...

I think these pictures are somewhat in order of occurrence....maybe...nope, they weren't, but I got them there.
Ok. So a few (maybe 3 weekends now?) I took the kids ice skating at Aunt Amy's backyard. Yes, it was 3 weeks ago because it was just before we got the flu, and infected their family with the flu.

J loved 'playing' hockey. For him, this meant missing the ball 2-3 times with the stick, then picking up the ball and throwing it. 

Honestly, I can't get over the knowledge that a naked tush used that seat in the shower. I realize it was a long time ago and hopefully many cleanings, but still, the knowledge remains. Either way, K loved getting a free ride on it (and if there is a free ride around, that girl will find it!).

A got her sea legs. And by sea legs, I mean ice legs. She rocked that ice. Way to go girl!

Last weekend we moved a horse. We had loaded Grimmie first, we weren't sure how the other horse would load alone, and then took Grimmie and the other horse for a ride. When we got home I thought about leading Grimmie up, but didn't, because really - how much of a difference would 1000# make? Famous last words? We drove 3/4 up the hill and then slid back down...tried once with the Expedition and a weak rope to pull it out of the snowbank, then left it for the night. The weather warmed a little overnight, which didn't help the icy snow on the driveway. In the morning Levi drove his tractor over and helped Trav pull it out. My lands, that tractor pulled the trailer and truck around like nothing from side to side. A little scary, if I do say so myself. We'll wait for spring to bring the trailer back home...

That same day we picked up the kids from Opa and Oma's house. We made them (and us, we're not that mean) walk up the hill to save the truck from sliding back into a snowbank. Not so sure Levi would have liked that call...

In all though, it has been a beautiful and needed winter. And for me, I'll take the snow over mud any day.

Thank goodness for snowblowers and Opa's who lend (or drive) their snowblower freely. We wouldn't be making it through without them.

Hope y'all are staying warm!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What a week...

I know it's not nice to come on here and just spillllll, especially after I haven't written anything in the past ... well, it's been a while. But here's why. So far, since Sunday morning:

1. 5/5 of us have had the flu. We were dropping like flies there on Sunday night. Trav is, unfortunately, dealing with it right now.
2. We infected my sister's family, 2/3 of them who were sick Monday/Tuesday (1 already had it). Praying my sister doesn't get it.
3. We are in the middle of a likely irreparable fight with a family member. This sucks, and it keeps me awake at night. I want it resolved now, but am trying to wait on God's timing.
4. The tractor got stuck, yes, on flat ground, getting a round bale for the horses. Too much ice!
5. We have had to start talking to the insurance company again, about clothes that were damaged, and drywall that is cracking all. over. the. living. room. and. kitchen. I'm going to cry.
6. Our fridge died. This includes the freezer attached to the fridge. So, I spent this morning frying up a TON of pork.
6a. This, also, needs to go to insurance, as after the fire is when the fridge started acting up. I'm going to go hide under my sheets now.
7. My dear son picked up the top of the crock pot this morning to give it to me, and I told him to put it down. Which he did, on the floor. It is now in 3 pieces.
8. My dear daughter's Kindle, a Christmas gift from Nana, wouldn't turn on. After a call to Amazon, it needs to be replaced.

I have faith that God hears prayers and it will get better. Lots and lots of faith. I know, it could be a lot worse. I just had to let it out a minute.
Psalm 17

Okay...let me try that again. Since Sunday Morning, I am thankful for:
1. I have come to see how close our family is. I am very thankful for this. Within 12 hours, 4/5 of us got the flu. Trav was the sole healthy one and had to clean up after us for a few days, and now has it himself. Sorry honey. Thankfully, we have a lot of clean towels and blankets, clean bathrooms, and clean floors.
2. We are also very close with our extended family. (sorry.)
3. God is teaching me patience, and how to seek His word in times of trouble and conflict. I'm a slow study.
4. I am very thankful that my husband is very skilled at using the truck to unstick the tractor by now, and honestly, better without my help than with it.
5. God has foresight that we don't, thank you Lord! I'm thankful that our adjuster has been hemming and hawing on our last submission; God knows better than we do.
6. I'm thankful that we will have prepared meat for a while!
6a. Insurance, or the warranty from the electronic/appliance repair people, may cover a new fridge. Thank God!
7. I get a new crock pot?
8. Amazon's customer service. The lady I spoke with was awesome, and very nice, and quickly tried to trouble shoot. When that didn't work, she offered to send a new one right away, which will be here today.

Seeing the good, being thankful, isn't first nature. But God has shown his face in these past days; a post from a very Godly lady on a barrel racing forum led me to Psalm 17, which I have read often recently. Just after I initially wrote the first part of this post, I saw this story/devotional. Yes, it's all going to be ok. God is in control.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Makeshift Christmas Card

When I decided that I wasn't going to make a family Christmas card this year, I thought, "I will write a blog post instead" -- thinking that would satisfy the 1 person (maybe 2) that still check on this poor blog. Well, I didn't get to it. And didn't get to it.
But am now.
I know, y'all were holding your breath.

Anyway, the last 6 months have been busy. Not rush-around, can't-see-anything busy, but mostly more a steady thump with all of the little free time going toward either the FarM, Family, and/or hanging out (generally including both the FarM and Family). And I have been totally ok with that. At peace even. Because I'll be honest, this year has been a whirlwind that, Praise God, we have made it through. But I am craving peace and rest.

But anyway, I don't want to make a long list of things that we have done in the 6 months since I have posted. But here are a few of my current favorite things:

We are loving the snow. I think the animals would probably disagree, but the kids have So. Much. Fun. playing around in it. Mmmm....and I could sit outside at night for hours watching the snow, hanging out with the animals. The sunrises have been sensational. Just pure love.

God bless :)

Monday, July 29, 2013

It's July, right?

Seems like this summer is going fast. Thought it might be time for an update on happenings with our summer.
Gman went to training in May. He came home the Monday we got back from vacation. I am so glad to have him back, he's an awesome, light horse to ride and he's doing GREAT.

Kgirl turned 4 while on our vacation. She got to pick out her sweet pink cake.


For our vacation, we went with my dad and that whole side of the family up to Voyageur National Park and stayed on a houseboat for 3 days. It was awesome.

These are kind of old pictures,  from about a month ago, but I love them enough to show them. Mel the wonder horse is the one horse out of the 4 currently at our house that anyone can ride. She tolerates the young'uns well. Both of the girls love horses, try so hard, and are doing a great job! A was the first to be able to get Mel to ride away from anyone standing near, and without a leadline. She worked hard to get to this point, not that Mel would be bad, just that she decided that standing next to people standing was preferable to working.

On Saturday the big K was riding, and (I'm sure not influenced by the girls' recent addition to Horseland, the Saddle Club, and many, many hours of playing horse both with play horses and on their 'pretend horses - bikes and scooters) she says to me, "Mom, run?" "No, K, not run". She asks again, with the same response. Finally she goes, "Mom, trot?" "Yes, that's fine". She is my daredevil, and doing a good job of getting Mel into a trot and bringing her back down to a walk. It's hilarious to watch her though, her little legs barely reaching down below the saddle, and when she kicks her right leg flexes and extends with good force while her left secures her against the saddle. 

So, that's about where we are at. Still not in the house. And honestly, I can hardly comment on that right now as I vacillate between having strength and being ok with living in a 35' travel trailer with the 5 of us and knowing God is in charge and all will come to fruition, to getting frustrated with the multiple errors, setbacks, and other issues that are rising the longer we are out of the house (mouse poop and moist close-to-moldiness on our stored boxes in the back of the basement, really??). But anyway, despite being somewhat (ok, probably really) anti-social, we're hanging in there, and hope that y'all are having a great summer!